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Cwmllwyd Community Gallery

Interactive Case Study

Game Multilanguage Selection Menu
Question Backstory Dialogue Screen
Question Dialogue Screen
Answer Feedback Screen

Collaborating with PokedStudio for graphic design and illustration, we were commissioned to design and develop a multiple choice Flash Game, that would function as a on-line learning resource for relevant library staff. The game is fairly straightforward in it's navigational architecture, however under the hood the game implements some advanced functionality such as complete Multi-language support, currently supporting both English and Welsh. The game also implements accessibility functionality by providing an interface that is completely controllable via the keyboard and is compatible with screen readers.


Client:National Library of Wales



Flash Interactive Animation

Animated growth throughout the year
Animated NHS foundation trust numbers
Interactive Animated Timeline
Replay animation button

This project required the development of a series of animations and interactive graphs. One of particular note features an elegant timeline visually responding to user interaction in a slick manner. The popup bubbles listen to the playhead's location and popup when the playhead reaches the desired position, this allows a lot of freedom to change tack mid animation. The other point of note is how the playheads speed and acceleration is keyed in, the playheads position across time is derived from a hidden path that rises and falls to guide the playheads acceleration and speed. This then can be easily tweaked visually to hand craft subtle changes in speed over time.


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Scalable Flash Site

Home Screen
Home Screen
HDRI Library Login Screen

The Plugin-Design sites development employed AS3's scaling functionality to maximize the impact of the background imagery. As a side note the site is made up from a number of external components that are loaded at runtime to reduce the overall load speed, meaning that some of the pages are only 20k and seem to load instantaneously on a broadband connection.



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Animated Flash Form

Animation Flash Form
Full Screen Flash

Quirky animated form developed for The form allows users to add their name and partner to an event guest list. As soon as the form has animated in the user can enter their details, as the user hovers over the submit button the fox nods his head in anticipation. When the user presses the submit button the fox wags his tail in satisfaction.



Patent Pit

Comic Style Animated Flash Game

Intro Screen
Fred introduces the Patent Pit characters
Fred prepares you before you enter the Pit
Fred gives you one more pointer before entering the Pit
Choose the correct statement
Inventive Igor provides you with tips on being inventive
Marketing Marian outlays the importance of Marketing
The results are back!
Fred delivers the closing epilog
Fred delivers the closing epilog

Commissioned by to develop a Flash Game for the Intellectual Property Office to inform the user the in's and out's submitting a good patent application. The user gets to choose an invention to take into the Patent Pit, and answer multiple choice questions regarding the specifics of a suitable patent application. The game combines quirky comic visuals, animation and monolog to deliver the experience. The games storyboard was created by Nuria Knox of and the visuals where drawn by the Intellectual Property Offices own in house illustrators.


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ECHarris Interactive Map

Interactive World Map

World Zoom Level
Europe Zoom Level
UK Zoom Level
Expanded Office Detail Panel commissioned the development of an interactive map for their client ECHarris, while they designed the concept and visuals. Interactive maps are always of a particular challenge, this one was no exception, the map used clever bitmap swapping to achieve the seamless zooming between levels of zoom.


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Dynamic Flash Hotel Website

Slideshow Image Gallery Component
Hotel Intro Screen
Standard Page Template
Room Image Gallery
Room Thumbs Loading
Booking Screen Showing Calendar Panel

Interactivelabs once again has collaborated with to design and develop a dynamically driven multi-language Flash website for the Hotel Pergynt located in Norway. Polyesterland as previous projects developed the initial concept and visuals, while Interactivelabs developed the bespoke CMS and website. The site was developed using AS3, XML, PHP and MYSQL facilitating this unique and contemporary user experience.


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Online Presentation

Intro Title Sequence
Home Screen
Animation of Aquai-Mod during high demand
Animation of Aquai-Mod during low demand

Flash deployed online presentation of the Aquai-Mod valve. The main bulk of the work involved animating a visual demonstration of how the valve works in relation to existing technology. ActionScript was used to generate animated bubbles randomly and control their velocity and despatch rate.


Client:Aquavent UK Ltd

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Vpress Big Fish Campaign

Advertising Campaign

The Big Fish Illustration
A4 Promotion

Advertising campaign featuring a vibrant uber fish to provide the vehicle to differentiate the new Coreprint Version 3 software from it's rather drab and un-inspiring competitors. The illustration and graphics were deployed via print, web and merchandise.




Vpress Coreprint Version 3

Graphic User Interface Design

Report Screen
Home Screen
Find Screen
Create Screen

Version 3 of the print management software Coreprint differed significantly from the previous version in terms of technology and innovation hence an entire GUI redesign was required. Previous versions of the GUI heralded more of a software feel, where as the design for this version leans toward a more Web 2.0 approach. The current colour scheme of the GUI reflects the Vpress' branded colours, but careful design allows the whole system to be re-colourised in a matter of minutes by modifying a Photoshop template.


Client:Vpress Ltd


Nanws Great Adventure

3D Isometric adventure game

Nanw is asked to find and return the Black Book of Camarthen
Stepping on the floor switch will allow Nanw access to the Artifacts
Press the right switch and a friendly UFO beams up the sheep blocking the exit
Characters can provide useful hints and tips to Nanw
20 plus unique environment provide a cross section of environments
100% dynamical driven text facilitates the Welsh or English content
Bonus collecting provides a secondary challenge for Nanw
Characters can provide useful hints and tips to Nanw
Bonus collecting provides a secondary challenge for Nanw

In collaboration with, interactivelabs designed and developed the exciting Flash game Nanw's Great Adventure for the National Library of Wales. The initial brief required an interactive experience for children that provided adventure and exploration deployed in both the Welsh and English language. Our solution for this was to use a 3 Dimensional Isometric Environment full of puzzles, clues and hidden objects. The main object of the game is for the user (Nanw) to find and retrieve several of the Libraries most valuable artifacts, upon the return of each of the artifacts the user learns a little about the artifact and why it is so important to Wales' heritage. PokedStudio's main priority focused upon the games' graphical design and illustration while Interactivelabs designed and developed the games' engine and all the other extremely complex game features such as a 100% dynamic multilanguage environment, dynamic character speech and accessibility options. The design of the game engine was such that the individual screens and objects could be easily redesigned and ordered to customise the gameplay. As mentioned above every single piece of text within the game is external to the Flash game allowing fast and efficient modification.


Client:National Library of Wales

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Alna Senter

XML Driven Flash Website

Slideshow panel
Interactive Map

Once again Interactivelabs teamed up with Norway's Polyesterland to deliver this XML driven Flash website for the Alna Senter. All data within the site including the shop logos are imported into Flash at runtime. Flash then using the new Bitmap technology in Flash 8, resizes and positions the imported assets according to grid positions detailed in the XML.



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Dynamic brochure website

Stunning photography, contemporary graphic design combined with dynamically driven  content
User interface transforms and reforms to support the websites additional pages
Beautifully composed baroque visuals and user interface design by

We were commissioned by our close partner to develop a brochure website for the fashion designer Dobloug. Polyesterland created the initial concept and graphic design and Interactivelabs helped develop and deliver this concept. The website uses Flash to deliver a rich user experience that is chic and contemporary. The advantage of using Flash in this instance is the user's seamless interactive experience, the user interface loads and stylishly transitions to present the new content. The site was designed that if the user has a fast enough internet connection, they will perceive no interruption from loading bar etc as they indulge in the sites content. The client image content and product category is easily uploaded and updated via a content management system and database that feeds the Flash front end.



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Vpress Website

Website redesign

Contemporary new look, proving a balanced simplicity
Animated presentation illustrates the systems workflow

This project instance details the latest version of the Vpress website. Vpress has grown and over the last six years from an ingenious startup to a powerful and significant player in the print industry. The latest website required a updated approach to not only promote their inspired implementation of their software but reveal the human and customer friendly quality. A major feature of the latest website is the Coreprint Movie, a piece of motion graphic information design deployed to convey the benefits and distinction of the Coreprint software from the traditional method of print ordering.


Client:Vpress Limited

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Flash Tutorial Content

E Learning Tutorials

Users can scroll panorama by moving mouse horizontally
User press the tree to prompt the sun blowing the leaves off.

Flash content specifically designed and developed with step by step instructions for learning Flash basics. The content based around a immersive school weather learning resource, featured drawing objects, symbols, tweening, animating along a path. And finally using ActionScript to control the timeline and make a popup window appear and disappear.


Client:University of Glamorgan


AOS Interactive Map

Interactive Sea Ports Map for AOS

Continent Zoomed Perspective
Maximum Costal Zoom

Interactivelabs was commissioned to design an interactive world map that gave the user the ability to dynamically zoom in and out to view the multitude of sea ports. The map is created in Flash using AS2 / PHP and MYSQL. All data is dynamic, the port info is imported at runtime including coordinates, title and url. Administering the map is simple and obvious, login to the map via admin mode and an additional set of admin features are revealed. The admin user can add a new port in a specific position by drag and drop. Enter the relevant information and press save. Interactivelabs developed the front end and PHP connection, while Chris Gibson put in all the hard work on the MYSQL database.



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Vpress Posters

Coreprint Poster Promotion

Coreproof & Coreimpact Posters
Corexpress Poster

Design of A0 size posters for components of the Coreprint Print Management System. Entirely vector artwork designed in Illustrator. Even the screenshots were reproduced in vector format to provide 100% quality at the high resolution.


Client:Vpress Ltd


Burro Happold Moving Image

Web deployed moving image

Initial squares begin to form a structure in space
Camera glides through the forming abstract structure
Squares speed past the camera as it pans out
Finally sequence sees the abstract structure dissipate back into the void
Leaf like shapes gently glide and twirl as they get caught in small gusts of wind
Swirls of wind begin to funnel the leaf forms
Leaf forms are swept into a billowing torrent
The leaf forms glide and twirl away at tangents as the wind dissipates
Crosses swirl out of chaos to form structured lines in the void
Infrastructure lines begin to stream up and down
The camera falls vertically tracking a structure of crosses
The cross disperse only reform in a new configuration

Interactive Labs was commissioned by Doggett Jones to create 3 stimulating and dynamic moving image vignettes based on visual concepts already designed by Doggett Jones. The three vignettes would visualise the elements of Burro Happold's design ethos; Buildings, Infrastructure and Environment. Each individual vignette portrays the component by animating the abstract forms through space. The Buildings vignette conveys form, construction and volume, while the Infrastructure vignette conveys communication, logistics and network. Finally the Environment vignette conveys themes of fluidity, organic structure and complexity. All three pieces of moving image where composed in After Effects using the power of nested compositions and After Effects particle generator.


Client:Doggett Jones

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Retire To The Sun Interactive Map

Flash Map Navigation

User has rolled over Gibraltar
User has rollover the globe dropdown
User is exploring Spain's regions
User has rolled over an off map region

The interactive map allows the user to navigate to the chosen destination visually. By clicking on a country forwards the user to the country map which contains further specific areas from which to explore. The current top level map is focused around the Mediterranean and Europe, other countries are available by rolling over the globe that will then provide a dropdown menu of countries and spin to the correct global location upon rollover. The user also has the option of rolling over links to the countries whereby the Flash map highlights the area.


Client:Vpress Ltd


Vpress Brochure

Sales Promotional Brochure

Corexpress indent composition for the Corexpress insert
Brochure cover design
Logo composition for the Vpress Story insert
Coreprint indent composition for the Coreprint insert
Reverse layout of the Coreprint insert

A new printing technology company commissioned Interactive Labs to design and develop their Brand, print and new media needs, Vpress was created and its brand identity. Over the last six years Interactive labs have provided print design solutions for Vpress, this includes, business stationery, posters, flyers, and of particular interest brochure design. The brochure includes a series of inserts that individually brand the unique components of the Vpress system, 'Coreprint'. The identity for each component portrays the individual nature and power of each component.


Client:Vpress Limited


STA Graydon

Wesite Design

Still #4: Menu panel animated rollout
Still #2: Globe rotates in
Still #1: Line arcs downward to a stop, rings permeate out
Still #3: Straplines animate in horizontally
Still #5: Menu items animated in to complete the website animated build
Flash based Interactive form
Presentational Information animates in
Flash log on used in conjunction with mail shot

Commissioned by Six Films to design and develop a striking website for STA Graydon to deliver their informative and in-depth content via an engaging manor. This resulted in an approach to present concise animated information supported by motion graphics and a seamless interactive experience. Interactive forms were a crucial part of the functionality of the site, in order to retain a consistent seamless interactive experience the forms were integrated into Flash. By using Flash to construct the form the user could easily navigate the multipage form without any server calls and therefore provide a clear and responsive interactive experience. The combination of Flash motion graphics, rich interactivity and Database technology throughout this project, allowed the dynamic creation of live data delivered through a televisual experience, until this time still a rarity.


Client:Six Group


Discovering Contemporary Architecture

Promotional Website and CDrom

Walk 5's interactive map screen, providing rich information and links to highlighted pieces of architecture
London map displaying the 7 walk areas, users rollover areas for more information
Walk 5 selected, reveals the walks title and introduction
Selected architecture screen provides specific details and images
In addition to walk specific information the Walk map screens provides hot rollover areas displaying relevant quote and images
The architecture screens various information panels resize to maximize that part of the user interface

We were approached by Anne Thorne Architects Partnership (ATAP) to develop a European funded web/CD Rom architecture project. The content would be prepared by ATAP and Interactive Labs would design and develop a vehicle that would bring this content to the user. The project was also run in parallel to a similar Greek and French project based on Athens and Paris respectively. Each countries project had to available to each other countries language. The main concept was to advocate to the user, seven London walks each containing several buildings of interest. This promoted the design of three tiers: London Level, Walk Level and finally the Building Level. The user would initially start by viewing all the walks visually imposed on the map on London. The user can then select a walks and indulge in walk specific material and information via a 3 dimensional map before actually selecting any building of interest, whereupon the user can engross themselves in specific details of that architecture.


Client:Anne Thorne Architects Partnership



E-commerce Website

The home page, simple and contemporary
Category view
Category view
Simply composed customer login form
Order confirmation screen
Basket popup screen

The brief required the design of a user experience that was aesthetically designed to be attractive to the targeted customer base, intuitive at all times without the need for instruction. Clean simple and contemporary are the key words here. The branding and design needed to convey a natural organic feel but without being rurally dirty. The site design, imagery and brand were developed to equally suit an excusive bar or restaurant. This allows the user to step into the garden realm while still feeling they are indulging in something with class and exclusivity. The websites layout is split in to two parts. The two bottom strips are static and appear on every page. The very bottom grey bar handles the extra additional information not used in the shopping browsing process. The leaf rectangle is dedicated to presenting the important Basket link and customer accounts link. This ensures the user has the ability to access the sites main functionality without getting lost. The top part of the layout is dedicated to information that will change depending whether you are viewing the home page, product section or basket etc. The Layout is deliberately light and clean in order to introduce the brand to the user.





Promotional Presentation

Animation showing UGW's international operations
Opening to the animated introduction
Animated shards of the triangle faces conveys UGW's marketing approach strategy
End sequence of the animated introduction, screen transforms animating in menus
Each screen gracefully transforms from one piece of information to the next
Portfolio screen supports image and video gallery

Commissioned by the short lived but awesome Symbiotica to design and develop a comprehensive presentation application for the German marking company UGW. The application developed in Director with Flash integration delivered a rich media non linear presentation. Each page within the presentation transitioned uniquely from one page to another, and dynamically. Due to the non linear nature of the presentation the presenter could move from one page to any other page via a dynamically composed series of animations, providing a slick and seamless experience. In addition to the benefits of the dynamic transitions, the method of construction enabled infinite expandability and reformation.




Verus Modus

Online 3D creative space

Avatars can visit buildings to peruse their creative content
The virtual city provides a location for creative to host their work
Buildings will dynamically morph to provide room for expanding creative content
Funding for running of the virtual city will supplemented by in world advertising
In addition to art inside buildings, creative content fills the outside city scape
The virtual city will grow organically as needed to host more space for creative work
The city provides a real time space for online users to communicate and participate
Users meet one another online and indulge in the creative space together
If you get lost just ask another user to help you
A gossip driven information system
As the city grows public transport provide travel between spread out locations
A virtual city, but a real space in real time

Verus Modus 'real space' provides a solution for an online environment that artists and musicians use to exhibit work. Digital unknown information is generally invisible unless you the user are directed specifically at it. Verus Modus gives the artists information (their work) visible form and location within a virtual city. Visitors transverse the space by walking their avatar throughout the streets intermingled with thousands of other online visitors. Don't know how to get to a venue? well simply ask someone. Gossip and rumour are all important mechanisms in distributing information through out the city; this is how visitors find out what's hot and what's not. The aim of this project was to conquer the problem for unknown artists exhibiting in the media and on the Internet; you will not be able to get an audience if people don't know you exist. The visuals within this feature in this project instance are captured from our animated film detailing the key points of the Verus Modus concept.




Indie Fututra

Interactive Sound Navigation

User interface based around an interactive sound scape
Users can drag n' drop sounds into the 3D sound scape
Sounds can be repositioned in the 3D sound scape to alter the presence of the sound

Experimental sound navigation system, by manipulating the 3Dimensional space users interact with the sound that they hear and also what information they view. The user can interact with the composition of the music by adding, subtracting and interchanging various sounds from the sound dock. When sounds are added to the 3Dimensional Sound Space a 'count in' indicator shows the beats left until the sound will play and sync with the rest of the currently playing sounds. Each sound can be individually placed within the 3Dimentional space, providing significant scope for manipulating the sound the user hears. Navigation links rotate when clicked to nearest point toward the user and so there for have a unique sound representing each peace of information.


Client:Indie Futura


Twelve Monkeys Interactive Narrative

Interactive Film Narrative

Initial user interface, user selects a unique edited version of the film or a Journey
Still #1: Interactive Narrative title sequence
Still #2: Interactive Narrative title sequence
Mid journey user interface allows user to change journeys and gain perspective on their current journey

An experiment with interface design to interact with, complex multifaceted narratives. The narrative is split into narrative compositions of relevant scenes to form differing points of view. Essentially the narrative is deconstructed into a series of edits. Once the user has selected a composed edit or journey as I call them they can sit back and experience the unique point of view that that journey provides. The user if they wish can step out of the journey and then navigate through the other differing journeys to comprehend of the overall meaning of the narrative, see connections between journeys or to jump to different scenes or journeys. By visualising the narrative in this way aids the user in understanding the overall construction of the narrative. The interface design allowing the easy scanning of scenes with each journey consists of using thumbnails of each scene within a 3 dimensional deck of cards format. The interface works by stepping through each card (scene) to find the scene you want. For the record this interface concept was designed and tested way before the likes of Apple's Cover Flow and Microsoft's Application Switcher saw the light of day. We expect a large cheque through the post any day now.




Canary Wharf

Interactive Emotion Environment

As the user approaches a zone they can press 'Dock' to explore that zones content
The location zone conveys concepts of size and structure about Canary Wharf
The user glides within a white void and discovers locations of content or zones
The sound zone allows the user to interactively experience the sounds of Canary Wharf environmental sound
The video zone allows the user to interactively compose and preview Canary Wharf footage
The transport zone explores Canary Wharf's multilayered transport solution

Installation deployed interactive environment created to provide an interactive experience that conveys the emotion and feelings felt by interacting in the real Canary Wharf environment. The user begins by floating in a sterile white 3 dimensional void. The user can travel through the void via a minimum of controls, which reveal in the distance floating isolated objects of 3D structures. These are zones of further interactive content. The zones contain interactive content that portrays specific ideals and emotions that the real environment exudes. These zones are Sound, Location, Information, Transport and Video. The void concept allows these ideals to be communicated to the users more successfully. The void concept apart from dealing with size, distance and scale, allows the user to experience the emotions such as isolation and sensations of a surreal nature. This all comes together to induce feelings of a dreamlike alien virtual world. The zones exist separately with no real effort to provide a sense of real useful information about the content and its location, this would allow the user to become more comfortable with the environment and therefore erode the sense of isolation and disorientation. The five zones deliver interactive information covering most essential components of the real interactive experience. The initial zone Location attempts to deal with spatial issues of scale, proportion and construction. The Transport zone provides a holistic overview of the transport infrastructure. The Video zone delivers the visual component, allowing the user to interactively compose their exposure to differing video streams. The Sound zone provides opportunity for the user to dynamically sample sounds from around the environment and finally the Information zone outlines the details of the project.



About Us

Our Mission
Interactivelabs’ aim is to create a fertile environment in which talented designers can work together in equal partnership. As a relatively small group, we are able to strike up a close relationship with the people we work for –allowing us to stay flexible.

Interactivelabs’ mission is simply to create the best possible work we can. This mission is equally beneficial for our clients and us; we strive to find better ways of interacting with computers and communicating ideas + messages. We keep our team small and focused, stay excited about our work and endeavor to make cool stuff.

Henry Holland and John Hornsby formed Interactivelabs in 2001. The lab is an association of designers rather than a company; this reduces dependency on the part of individuals thus allowing us to handle any scale of project. Being independent also allows us pursue our own objectives; therefore we are happier and work better.

Our Links
Interactivelabs maintains a strong link with Ravensbourne College, London. All active members of Interactivelabs are lecturers on the Interaction Design BA course at Ravensbourne. At interactiveLabs we believe that a close connection with education is paramount to achieving our mission; we recognize the need for continual development. The areas in which we work are fast moving, we need exposure to the new ideas and methods which only develop in the educational arena.

Research Topics

Virtual Environments
What are virtual environments? Computers allow us to free ourselves from the limitations of the three dimensions; virtual environments allow an enhanced level of exploration and interaction with information. A virtual environment can be based on any visual metaphor, yet allows a user heightened powers of sight, understanding and control.

We create, interactive, immersive computer environments for deployment on the Internet, in kiosks and on standalone computers.

Internet Communications
We build and deliver above average Internet solutions, using technology and design to enhance our clients brand identity and communicate their message. We specialize in highly interactive new media solutions, since it gives our clients the power to reach out to their audience as well as creating a more enjoyable experience for the user.

We create and host highly interactive bespoke web solutions, which utilize rich media.

SoundScapes, Games + Interactive Narratives
We can now go far beyond traditional communication techniques, because we can make the whole experience engaging. Why put up with a printed poster when it possible to create an object which not only talks to the user; it has a conversation. By introducing the element of play, we give the user something for themselves. Making someone smile, letting them take the controls or shaping the direction of a story gives people added value that stays with them for longer.

We create media rich devices that are fun, visual and engaging.

Branding + Identity
A brand can no longer be limited to print design – brands now have to exist as transportable devices for deployment in any medium. Branding must be scaleable and dynamic in order to stay relevant in the electronic age. In addition, branding and identity is the focal point of any exercise, it must exhibit a symbiotic relationship with media – the brand should reflect content and vise versa.

We create quality branding for screen and print; we treat our clients’ brand and identity as an integral part of their media operations.

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